Hi - I'm Morag, a Health Coach helping exhausted people over 40, regain their energy to start living life to the full again

Imagine what it would be like to live a life with consistent & high energy

You CAN have it!

I also have a special interest in the gut health of endurance athletes

Where you begin your journey to reclaiming your Health & Energy again

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Sleeping has become a "thing" because you're "tired and wired" - exhausted by day but can't sleep at night?

And - You've tried everything to get your energy back. Nothing has worked full time and you're beginning to wonder if you'll ever feel well again.

The thing is - you can! I have. I've seen others become their vibrant, energetic selves again too.

We just need to find the right combination of powerful tools that can help YOU!

It’s time to find your own unique solution to your health

Generally, in my experience, one size does not fit all. The story of how you got to this place of fatigue and/or ill health will be different to the next person and so your recovery will be different too.

We are both a mind and body and contrary to conventional wisdom, the two do operate together. What happens in one has consequences to the other. Think of feeling nervous. There are reasons in your mind for feeling nerves - potentially fear of failure, and this comes out in your body via butterflies in your stomach. They are linked. We cannot work on one without working on the other.

Food nourishes the body and provides the building blocks we need to continue living. But as you may have found, nutrition is only part of the story.

So let's find your unique path back to health and reclaiming your High Energy Body!

I’m here to help.

I'm Morag McDowall, founder and owner of Make Your Health Sparkle and I’m ready to help you unlock your body’s full potential by finding your health again.

This is for you if:

  • You’re struggling with fatigue that no matter how much sleep you get, you’re STILL tired
  • You have chronic health issues such as adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disease and hormonal imbalances
  • Your libido is through the floor and your relationship is beginning to suffer
  • You're feeling bloated, sluggish, have acid reflux and brain fog
  • Conventional medicine does not seem to have answers & has failed to help you·    
  • You’re looking for a natural and powerful solution to reclaiming your Health & Energy, so that you can feel consistently well again and live your life to your full potential
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Services offered

Health Reset Formula - 12 week Program

This 12-week program is designed to help you reset your gut microbiome, boost your immunity, gain more energy, optimise your hormones and work with your health mindset. It includes weekly online group coaching sessions via zoom as well as support via WhatsApp in between if needed and much more.

Health Reset Formula - Gut Only

This is the initial four weeks of the 12 week Health Reset Formula Program.

Fantastic Health is possible with a balanced and properly fed gut microbiome. This 30 day program will "weed and seed" your gut microbiome. We are what we absorb - and if we are not absorbing our nutrients, then eating healthily won't have the effects you want it to have.

What the Clients Say

" My body had reached its limit and I was struggling with chronic fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety & a plethora of other symptoms. I wasn’t sleeping properly either. I turned to Morag for her support to allow my body to rest & begin to heal. I have been amazed by the results. I’ve got more energy, bloating has gone & my anxiety is back under my control. My body has literally gone from being on its knees to thriving."

L Peach

“Am mind blown!!! After the initial consultation with Morag, unhelpful food habits and the emotional reasons behind them were revealed.
With those blind spots now in the open, the next time I went food shopping I bought zero ready meals and more fruit and veg. I've also done exercise willingly.
If those are the changes after our first meeting, I am excited to see what happens next...!"

Hema Patel

" Morag’s support, guidance and humour kept me motivated throughout my Gut Reset experience.
I signed up to it to reboot my body after a tough triathlon season. I wanted to restore my gut, stop the bad eating habits and hopefully improve my wellbeing. It didn’t disappoint. I have finished feeling more alive, alert, and ‘healthier’. I’m less bloated and lost a bit of weight to boot. So overall a big success "

P Butterfield

Learn how working on mind and body can transform your life.

Discover your energy again!

5 Step Blueprint To Increasing Your Energy